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Advisory Services

Debt Capital Advisory

Traversi & Associates, as Advisor and through primary Banks and Institutional Investors, arrange debt financing solutions to small-middle sized companies, listed or not. Typical debt capital deal size ranges from €3 to €300 million, such as: Senior secured or unsecured loans/bonds, Syndicated Loans, Leveraged Loans, Direct Lending, SSBs, Corporate Bonds, HY Bonds, Mezzanine finance, Unitranche, Private Debt, Revolver, First/Second Lien, Subordinated Debt, Private Placements and other debt financial structures.


As Advisors, we arrange for borrowers debt capital solutions that are typically used to: realize LBOs, development and realize investment/industrial plans and strategies, expansion in new markets, execute an acquisition, to place side an ipo, to replacement capital, to realize infrastructural projects, to fund growth, to provide working capital or facilitate a debt restructuring or a complex turnaround process.  

Equity Capital Advisory


Traversi & Associates, as Advisor and through primary Institutional Investors, arrange total, majority and minority equity investments in small-middle sized corporates, listed or not, within the a variety of sectors by a generalist approach.


Typically, equity investments are made in partnership with management teams to build great businesses, improve their operations and to finance: LBOs, MBOs, pre-ipo, equity restructuring, minority Equity, reverse stock mergers, PIPEs, PPs and direct sales, fund growth or facilitate restructurings or turnarounds, having a deal value size ranges from €10 to €300 million.


Target companies usually have meaningful brand equity, or a product or service that is capable of creating a leading and defensible market position as well export oriented and a differentiated market.

Distressed Assets/Special Situations Advisory


Traversi & Associates, as Advisor and through primary Institutional Investors, arrange deals on stressed and distressed Assets/Corporates/Securities, including distressed loans/bonds, distressed Real Estate Assets/loans, Corporates in special situations needing of a complex debt restructuring, illiquid assets, NPLs/PLs portfolios, structured products, distressed equities or whatever distressed or illiquid securities.


The secondary debt market offers consistent opportunities to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns while focusing on capital preservation.

Real Estate Advisory


Traversi & Associates, as Advisor, and through primary Institutional Investors, arrange deals in performing real estate market, focusing on two types of investment strategies:


Core - Core plus strategy: class “A” properties in top locations, with fundamental or intrinsic long-term value, operating and substantially leased properties in strong markets, such as: offices, retail/shopping-malls, industrial, residential, hotels & resorts, healthcare & senior housing. Properties have low leverage structures, low-risk/low-potential return strategy with predictable and stable cash flows and IRRs. Assets/Properties must be income-producing, fully leased/multi-tenants within strong, diversified and strategic areas;


Opportunistic strategy: focused on distressed real estate assets, recapitalizing assets, and acquiring out-of-favor or specialized real estate, high quality income-producing assets at discounts to replacement costs. Our Investors improve the properties through hands-on management and targeted investments. Targets include premier properties in many top locations, such as: hotels & resorts, offices, retail/shopping-malls, industrials,   residential, healthcare & senior housing, logistic-storage and lands.

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