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Since our inception, Traversi & Associates has been totally focused on providing strategic, quality and professional financial advisory services.


Traversi & Associates, as Advisor, is mainly committed on middle-market across several segments of the primary and secondary DCM & ECM, having the experience, resources, and flexibility required to arrange capital solutions quickly, also by strategic and operational expertise to help and support SMEs’ investments and projects through rapid access to capital markets, in partnership with existing stakeholders, generally in time-sensitive or challenging situations requiring a creative solution.


Traversi & Associates, as Advisor, has a generalist approach being active across a wide spectrum of industries, such as: engineering & construction, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, food/agriculture, fashion & luxury, automotive, chemical, business services, high-tech, telecom and media, with the ability to find Lenders or Equity Investors on the whole capital structure. We are able to develop  essential and flexible financing solutions and consummate transactions on expedited basis.

Traversi & Associates, as Advisor, has unparalleled experience in providing access to financial markets, as well originating and dealing distressed asset classes, across secondary market thanks to a worldwide network of financial partners and a long lasting relationships with primary and selected: Investment Banks, Commercial Banks, SW Funds, Private Equity/Debt Funds, Hedge Funds, RE Funds, FoFs, Alternative Investors, Global Asset Managers, Family Offices, VC and other Institutional or Private Investors.

Traversi & Associates’ values are founded on sound principles, such as: expertise, honesty, efficiency, best execution, flexibility, concreteness, dynamism, open-mindedness, global approach. The value-added approach is the core of our competitive advantage, which enable us to deliver high returns to a diverse group of Investors.

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